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European Patent (EP) Validation


Did you know that when a patent is granted by the European Patent Office, it does not enjoy legal protection automatically? You need to validate the invention in all the countries where you would like to have exclusive rights for its use.

This site is intended to provide you a quick, cheap and trustworthy service for EP validation by international IP service provider Pintz & Partners.

EPvalidation.NET is a cost-effective solution for European Patent validations. When placing an order you only need to give us some essential information: your patent’s publication number, the language in which your patent was granted by the European Patent Office and the number of words of the description and the claims. Then, you need to choose the countries in which you would like to have your patent validated, and confirm your order.

Pintz & Partners will take care of each of the other phases of the process.

You can check the associated fees at National information, fees & costs.


Kindly note, that you as a patent holder are responsible for paying the annuity fees for your patent. The payment for the annuity fee is a prerequisite for the validation, and is usually dealt separately. If you would like Pintz & Partners to handle the annuity fees of your patent, contact us at info@epvalidation.net.

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